Union - an iPhone and iPad app to blend photos
Union - an iOS app to erase backgrounds of photos

Combine your photos in unique and creative ways.

From the makers of Tangent and Fragment comes another amazing photo app for iOS.

Some images contain effects or elements from other apps or artists. The final edit was blended and or masked in Union.

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Combine Photos in Unique and Creative ways
Composite photos

Multiple photo compositing features.

Union lets you combine photos in amazing and powerful ways. Easily create superimposed, silhouetted, and double exposure images.

Easily remove backgrounds of images
Erase with the touch of a finger

Effortlessly remove backgrounds.

Powerful masking features give you all the tools you need to quickly and easily isolate subjects and remove backgrounds in your photos. Brush with your finger or remove entire sections with just a tap.

Use our real-time magic wand.

Real-time Magic Wand.

Tap once. Then adjust.

Goodbye trial and error. Our unique real-time magic wand allows you to tap the area to be removed and then adjust the color range threshold seeing updates immediately. Save hours of editing time making subject isolation simple and easy.

Adjustable brush settings
Adjustable brush settings

Precision Brush Controls.

Using the Hard, Soft or square brush, dial in the perfect size and opacity for the job at hand. From detailed subjects to soft edged compositing needs, there's a setting for nearly every situation.

Zoom Preview

Move your finger out of the way
with Zoom Preview.

A picture in picture window now floats above your finger as you erase giving you a zoomed in view that's not obstructed.

Composite photos

A companion masking tool for Tangent and Fragment.

Tangent and Fragment send edits to Union with a single tap as multi-layered compositions. The foreground and background are separated with effects and blending modes intact ready for masking.

Amazing blending modes
blend photos

The blending modes you need.

Foreground and background images can be blended together using the standard, add, multiply, lighten, darken, color dodge and difference blend modes.

image adjustments

Built-in image adjustment tools.

No need to go elsewhere. Adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and temperature of both images so they match perfectly.

solid color backgrounds
transparent png images

Transparent PNG support, gradients and colored layers.

Mask your subjects on transparent backgrounds and save to PNG for later use. Use a solid color or a gradient on the either layer to create unique compositions.

photo mask options

Use your own photos or shapes as masks.

Easily produce effects like double-exposure or silhouettes. Built-in mask shapes for graphic style edits. Fine-tune your shape and photo masks with the brush and Magic Wand tools.

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Need help with Union? Check out our support page or email us at info@unionapp.co

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